An Apple official has dispersed the most diligent myth about the iPhone.

Closing applications from the multitasking menu does not spare battery life and there is no compelling reason to do it, Apple’s head of programming Craig Federighi has said.

Utilizing the multitasking menu to close applications has turned out to be very nearly a superstition. Numerous individuals are persuaded that it is important to close them down physically so they are not running out of sight.

In any case, it’s not under any condition important, since Apple’s iOS attempts to guarantee that when applications are running out of sight they don’t use up superfluous preparing force or battery life. Most applications are put into a solidified state when they are stopped with the home menu, implying that they lie lethargic until they are woken again once they are opened.

In another email imparted to 9to5mac, Mr Federighi tended to that question head-on and dismisses any recommendation that it was useful. The email was at first sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook yet was passed onto his head of programming, the web journal reported.

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“Hey Tim,” the message starts. “Do you stop your iOS multitasking applications every now and again and is this fundamental for battery life? Simply needing you to put this contention to rest!”

Mr Federighi answered just saying “No and No”. He additionally sent a smiley confront and said thanks to the client for being an Apple client.

The organization tends to answer to clients’ messages. Such conduct used to be genuinely regular under Steve Jobs, who might frequently answer to client grievances or inquiries with likewise brief and clear answers.

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Its just the same old thing new.

Rick Starsky


Apple’s bolster pages as of now clarify that stopping applications is pointless much of the time. The multitasking menu is proposed to be utilized as a part of the occasion of an issue with an application — on the off chance that it has slammed or is running wrongly out of sight — as opposed to being frequently used to close down applications.

Some applications do keep on being dynamic out of sight, including those that record or play sound or utilize the GPS. Yet, it is generally evident when an application is doing as such — bars will appear at the top to show that area or the receiver is being utilized, and sound will be heard if music is playing.